Airless Paint Sprayer Airless Paint Sprayer Titan Airless Paint Sprayer $104.50day
Carpet Cleaners Carpet Cleaners Carpet Cleaners $39.00day
Engine Hoist Bluebird Engine Hoist Bluebird Bluebrird Engine Hoist $37.50day
Exhaust Blower Exhaust Blower Exhaust Blower Units with 25'hose $48.00day
Floor Scrubber 20" 110v. Floor Scrubber 20" 110v. Floor Scrubbers 20"110volt $88.00 day
Generators Gas Generators Gas Generators Gas 2000wt.$48.00day 2500wt.$58.50day 3500wt.$71.50day 8500wt.$104.50day
Hepa Air Scrubber Hepa Air Scrubber Hepa Air Scrubber with 25'Hose $82.00day
Insulation Vacuum Insulation Vacuum Insulation Vacuum $82.00 day *bags extra $29.00ea NOW IN STOCK
Magnetic Drill Magnetic Drill Drill 3/4" Magnetic $105.00day
Panel/Drywall Lifts Panel/Drywall Lifts Drywall/Panel Lifts 11.5'$35.00day 9.5'$33.00day
Presure Washers Presure Washers Presure Washers Elec.1000psi.$53.00day Gas1500psi.$65.00day Gas 2500psi.$80.00day
Shop Vacuum Shop Vacuum Shop Vacuums 10galcap. wet/dry $38.50 day
Steam Cleaner Electric Steam Cleaner Electric Steam Cleaner 110volt Diesel Fired $88.00day
Traps Animal Traps Animal Animal Traps have-a-heart $10.00-12.00 day
Upholstery Cleaner Upholstery Cleaner Upholstery Cleaners $27.50day
Wet Tile/Brick Saws Wet Tile/Brick Saws Wet Saws Tile/Pavers 7"$42.00day 10"$54.00day 36"$88.00day