Chair/Table Ties Chair/Table Ties Chair/Table ties in solid colors $1.00 per day
Linen Jomar Nova Linen Jomar Nova We can provide you with hundreds of custom color and pattern linens. Price upon request.
Linen Napkins Linen Napkins Linen Napkins solid colors $.40 each
Linen Table Skirting Linen Table Skirting Table Skirting White 8'$8.00 day 13'$13.00 day Other colors upon request
Linen Umbrella Cloth Linen Umbrella Cloth Umbrella Linen 108"White $10.00 120"Red $11.00 90"Yellow $8.00
Linens Linens Solid Color Linens 52x52 $6.50 day~ 72x72 $8.00 day~ 81x81 $10.00 day~ 90"R $8.00day~ 108"R $9.00day~ 120"R $12.00day~ 90X108 $9.00day~ 120X60 $8.00day~ 132X90 $13.00day~ 156X90 $15.00day~ 132"R $16.00day
Pipe & Drape Pipe & Drape Pipe & Drape Black 8'Hx10'L $25.00 day