Asphalt Roller C.P. Asphalt Roller C.P. CP AR90G Gas Asphalt Roller $172.00 day
Chain Hoists Chain Hoists Chain Hoists 1ton 10'-20' 2ton 10'-20'
Compactors 5hp.Gas Compactors 5hp.Gas Gas Compactors 5hp. $78.00 day
Conveyor 20' 110volt Conveyor 20' 110volt Multilift 20'x12"Conveyor 110volt $125.00day
Dehumidifier 63pint Dehumidifier 63pint Dehumidifiers 63pint $56.00 day
Exhaust Blower Exhaust Blower Exhaust Blower Units with 25'hose $48.00day
Floor Striper Elec.General Floor Striper Elec.General General Electric Floor Striper $54.00 day *blade additional
Floor/Carpet Blowers Floor/Carpet Blowers Carpet/Floor Blower $31.00 day
Generators Gas Generators Gas Generators Gas 2000wt.$48.00day 2500wt.$58.50day 3500wt.$71.50day 8500wt.$104.50day
Hepa Air Scrubber Hepa Air Scrubber Hepa Air Scrubber with 25'Hose $82.00day
Insulation Blower Insulation Blower Insulation Blower 110volt $60.50day
Insulation Vacuum Insulation Vacuum Insulation Vacuum $82.00 day *bags extra $29.00ea NOW IN STOCK
Komatsu Fork Lift 15' Komatsu Fork Lift 15' Fork Truck 15'high lift 5000lb.cap. $230.00 day
Pipe/Plumbing Tools Pipe/Plumbing Tools Plumbing/Pipe Tools Ridgid300,Cutters,Dies, Reamers,Tripods.
Presure Washers Presure Washers Presure Washers Elec.1000psi.$53.00day Gas1500psi.$65.00day Gas 2500psi.$80.00day
Pumps Electric Water Pumps Electric Water Water Pumps Electric 3/4"$18.00day 2"$46.00day
Rammer Compactor Rammer Compactor Compactor Rammer Gas $75.00day
Screw Jacks Screw Jacks Screw Jacks 8-30ton cap. 12" to 10'
Shop Vacuum Shop Vacuum Shop Vacuums 10galcap. wet/dry $38.50 day
Snakes Plumbing Snakes Plumbing Plumbing Drain Snakes Hand & Electric 25'-100'
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